Today, the team would like to share a full update of the latest developments to Plethori’s ecosystem, including the most recent development achievement: The successful creation of the V1 orderbook ETF trading system.

V1 Update

Plethori’s development team has now completed the backend infrastructure that will allow users to trade V1 ETFs, subject to security audits and full beta testing. This leaves the team in a position to now focus their efforts on building the ETFs themselves.

Below is an example of the Trading page within V1’s UI:

Since Plethori’s inception, the team have worked tirelessly to shape and build the developing ETF ecosystem. This article discusses the many significant goals that have been achieved to date, as well as a couple of exciting updates that will help shape Plethori’s future.

The first quarter of 2021 bore witness to the genesis of Plethori’s ecosystem. CEO and founder, Ryan Matovu, first conceived the idea to build cryptocurrency’s premier ETF creation and trading platform in January 2021. After carefully handpicking his team, discussions and plans were initiated.

Once the whitepaper and pitch deck were finalized, the initial rounds of funding…

Plethori are proud to announce the formation of a new strategic partnership with Shield Finance — a multichain DeFi insurance aggregator.

Shield Finance have developed an insurance aggregator which enables investors to protect their portfolio against ‘black swan events’ (hacks, exploits, rug pulls, market crashes). They will offer custom insurance packages, tailored according to individual investors’ needs.

The partnership will provide Plethori’s users with the power to insure their investments against negative price movement. Shield Finance will deploy Market Crash Protection contracts to cover the $PLE token. Holders will be able to insure their tokens against loss, giving them the…

Plethori will be launching its staking platform on Monday the 10th of May 2021 at 15:00 UTC. All $PLE holders will be able to stake their $PLE on the platform in exchange for a lucrative, yet sustainable, 40% APY return. To stake your $PLE, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase $PLE. You can purchase the $PLE token on Uniswap HERE.

Step 2: Head over to and click on the link to the staking platform. (The URL will not be made live until time of launch).

Step 3: In the top right hand corner, click “Connect To Wallet”. Four…

Plethori have now received the full security audit report for their Staking platform’s smart contract. As with the PLE token contract, this was carried out by cybersecurity industry leaders — Solidity Finance.

Plethori’s Staking platform will offer $PLE holders the ability to earn a passive income in exchange for staking their tokens and helping support the network’s infrastructure.

Solidity Finance’s full audit report revealed that the $PLE staking smart contract is completely secure. Zero vulnerabilities were found.

You can read the full Audit Report of Plethori’s Staking platform’s smart contract here.

Below is the step-by-step process that Solidity adhere to…

The date for the launch of Plethori’s token — $PLE — has now arrived. Tomorrow, Monday the 3rd of May, the $PLE token launch will be taking place via Paid’s IGNITION launchpad and Cyberfi’s SAMURAI launchpad. The initial listing price will be $0.04.

Ignition IDO

At 11:00 UTC the Galaxy Pool Launch (guaranteed allocation) will take place. Whitelist winners will have 30 mins to take part in the sale, purchasing their allocation of $PLE via Ignition’s website.

At 11:30 UTC the Moon Pool (First-come-first-serve) will open. …

Plethori is delighted to announce that they will be joining forces with Polkadot Data Infrastructure Network — Kylin.

Kylin has developed a comprehensive data collection and analysis system. Through leveraging the power of the Polkadot Substrate Framework, Kylin are able to supply reliable on and off-chain market and social data to any application or blockchain instantaneously.

Kylin are more than your average oracle solution. They collect, analyse and supply a wide range of data feeds, including that from non-primary indicators such as social sentiment, KOLs influence, on-chain querying, wallet diversity and number of holders.

Their data system will supply Plethori’s…

On the 21st of April 2021, Plethori CEO and CCO, Ryan Matovu and Callum Mitchell-Clark, joined cryptocurrency community, Gem Collectors, in their official Telegram channel for Plethori’s third official AMA. Here are some of the highlights:

Founder of Gem Collectors, Crypto Thai, started off the AMA by welcoming the Plethori team and asking them to introduce themselves.

“I am Ryan Matovu, founder and CEO of Plethori. I have been in the crypto space since 2016 in a range of roles from marketing to project strategy to development. …

Plethori have now received the comprehensive audit report for the PLE smart contract. Cryptocurrency cybersecurity and auditing firm — Solidity Finance, delivered the findings.

The PLE token contract represents the foundations upon which Plethori’s entire ETF investment ecosystem will be built, and the team understand well the importance of its safety and security, not only to platform users, but to the success of the entire project. The safe distribution and use of the PLE token within the ecosystem is fundamental.

Solidity Finance’s full audit report revealed that the PLE contract is completely secure. Zero vulnerabilities were found.

You can read…

“I am a huge, huge, huge fan of index funds. They are the investor’s best friend and Wall Street’s worst nightmare.” Jonathan Clements, Author and writer of the popular Wall Street Journal column “Getting Going”.

Plethori’s V2 Private Funds Platform is set for launch later in Q2 2021. For the first time, investors will be able to create and manage their own decentralized exchange traded funds. Tradeable on the V2 exchange, these unique ETFs will not only provide creators with a passive income, but introduce gamification through leadership boards and rewards, with NFTs playing a key role.

How will…

Callum Mitchell-Clark

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